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Providing Support, Comfort & Dignity Through End-of-Life Care

When your loved one is in their final stage of life – due to an advanced or terminal illness – the focus must quickly shift to their overall comfort and quality of life. At LakeMed, we believe that while your loved one may be faced with a limited life expectancy, their life certainly isn’t over yet.

Within our long-term hospice nursing home and palliative care services, we learn intimately what your loved one needs in their last months or days – paying attention to their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing – and put their wishes first. We provide support on multiple levels to help your loved one live as long as possible while enjoying happy, pain-free days.

We’re here to help, and we look forward to serving your family in your time of need.

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We listen to, honor, and respect every patient and family we serve. It is our main priority to ensure every wish and need is met, so your loved one can live each day as mobile, alert, engaged, and comfortable as possible. 

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Why LakeMed’s Nursing Home Hospice Care Services?

Your loved one’s life is supported and celebrated at LakeMed. With our long-term hospice nursing home and palliative care services, we help every patient live fully up until their final moments, surrounded by loved ones and supported by a devoted care plan team.

Through our hospice nursing home services, care decisions are in your hands. You and your family have the ability to select the hospice company that will provide the care for your loved one. Every hospice nursing home care team we work with delivers a high level of expertise through individualized care plans created just for your loved one.

Understanding the wishes and preferences of you and your loved one helps us provide the right support and align the best resources as we travel this journey together.

Our hospice nursing home is also exceedingly supportive for friends and family members, as we help educate during the process and deliver emotional support and incredible peace of mind.

When Is It Time to Contact Our Hospice Nursing Home?

Has your loved one’s doctor suggested hospice care? If not, do you, as your loved one’s advocate, believe they would benefit from pain control and the support of specialized hospice and palliative care now?

Once you, your loved one, your family, and your loved one’s doctor discuss hospice nursing home care and make the decision to focus on comfort rather than a cure, a doctor’s order can be obtained to begin hospice care.

While receiving a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness is unbearably hard, we’re here to help you navigate the nursing home hospice care process and deliver compassionate support and complete benefits.

Let us help you and your family during this time so you can solely focus on being present with your loved one.

What is Nursing Home Hospice Care, or End of Life Care?

Nursing home hospice care is a specialized, patient-centered type of care that treats the individual, rather than their disease, and focuses on their comfort and quality of life.

Hospice care is commonly referred to as end-of-life care and provides support on several levels – such as medical, pain management, emotional, spiritual, and family guidance – led by a team of healthcare professionals, aids, spiritual leaders, and more.

Within nursing home hospice care, the needs of the patient and family drive the care and activities of the hospice team.

Our Hospice Nursing Home Care Services & Accommodations Include:

  • Grief support for family members
  • Around the clock pain and symptom management
  • Physician care and meetings with family to discuss care plans, questions, and preferences for their loved one
  • Social workers to help both the family and patient to understand the diagnosis, treatment, and any challenges that arise during care
  • Volunteer help for companionship, errands, and other needs
  • 24/7 skilled nursing care and response to patient needs
  • Assistance with personal hygiene and skin care

Who is Best Suited for Nursing Home Hospice Care?

Hospice patients are those with a life limiting disease or terminal diagnosis, like cancer, heart disease, COPD, and advanced dementia. Because of their disease, the day-to-day for these individuals can often be very uncomfortable in a multitude of ways – such as physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Individuals may also experience difficult symptoms, like extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, and others because of their illness or because of treatments intended to cure the disease.

Nursing home hospice care is for individuals who are seriously ill who have decided to prioritize their quality of life over more treatments. They have decided to ease their pain, discomfort, and distress so they can live the rest of their days to the fullest.

We’re Here to Walk with You Every Step of the Way

Finding the right hospice care is a big decision, and we understand you have questions.
We would love to talk with you about your loved one’s needs and answer your questions.

You can schedule a time to meet with us, explore our center, and see if LakeMed’s hospice nursing home care services are right for your loved one.

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