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About Our Skilled Nursing Facility Rehabilitation

Regain Your Independence with a Higher Quality of Life and Better Functionality.

Major, life-altering events, such as surgery, trauma, accidents, broken bones, stroke, and other issues with health often require physical medicine and rehabilitation, to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life before heading home. The need for physical medicine and rehabilitation can be both short-term or long-term, and can be achieved both in-patient and out-patient.

At LakeMed’s skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation, we focus on energizing and invigorating our rehab patients with physical medicine and rehabilitation programs designed to achieve the highest possible reclaimed movement and functionality.

With a physiatrist onsite, and our expert, specialized team members, we want to help our residents establish a higher quality of life and better functionality than they ever thought possible. Our staff of professionals will help engage you or your loved one, allowing you to recapture health and energy in our warm and inviting environment.

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Programs at LakeMed

Rehabilitation programs – such as stroke therapy or cardiac care – can use a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Physical Therapy

Our team of skilled therapists work with patients on a very individualized level, and create and carry out the most effective recovery plan for a patient’s specific condition(s). The goal of each treatment plan is usually two-fold: to maximize physical functioning to move freely, regain function and perform daily activities –and– to prevent further injury and reduce pain.

Major components of our physical therapy program include:

  • Helping residents perform stretching exercises mobilization that will enhance muscle elasticity
  • Helping residents master exercises to normalize motor control
  • Evaluating and training in sitting, standing, balance, endurance and coordination
  • Assessing total body posture and providing education and exercises to improve alignment

Speech Therapy

Our licensed speech therapists work with residents on improving swallowing ability, communication, and other speech or eating issues that may arise after an accident or health issue. As experts in diagnosing and treating speech and cognitive disorders, our treatments may include cognitive therapy after brain surgery, swallowing therapy related to a neurological condition, retraining for “slurred speech” after a stroke, and much more. Patient/family education and training is also an important component to our speech therapy.

Major components of our speech therapy program include:

  • Assessing and treating deficits in higher-level cognitive and linguistic skills, attention, and reading comprehension
  • Assessing and treating residents who have difficulty swallowing foods or liquids

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists work with patients recovering from injury and surgery, and those managing chronic illness. After a thorough evaluation, we create customized rehabilitation plans to help each resident attain a better level of independence in daily living skills. Through adjustments to the treatment plan as needed, we help residents meet or beat individual goals. Our occupational therapy team also helps residents practice important, meaningful habits they may need for work and recreation.

Major components of our occupational therapy program include:

  • Evaluating and training residents in self-care activities and use of adaptive equipment
  • Training residents to compensate for sensory, perceptual and cognitive deficits, as they relate to function
  • Aiding residents in maintaining and improving joint range of motion, muscle strength, endurance, coordination, and dexterity – particularly in the upper extremities

Our Rehabilitation Programs & Conditions We Treat

At our skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation, we help patients with a wide array of complex medical conditions. Our treatment team takes a positive approach to therapy, focusing on your capabilities, rather than your disabilities, to help you achieve better functionality and, ultimately, regain your independence.

Take a look at just a few of the programs we provide within physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, and a list of conditions the team is experienced at treating:

Cardiac Care

Serving as a bridge between cardiac surgery and home, our cardiac care team provides highly-specialized treatment through individualized care plans to help patients achieve optimal health post-surgery. Each customized treatment plan is put in place to meet each patient’s varying and specific needs. Services within the program include:

  • the use of specialized equipment,
  • nutrition assessment,
  • specialty physician involvement,
  • progressive exercise regimen, and more.

NeuroRehab Program

Our neurological rehabilitation program is designed to aid individuals with disorders of the nervous system – such as Parkinson’s, Neuropathy, SCI, ALS and MS – improve function, independence, and overall well-being. Services within this program include:

  • orthostatic hypotension management,
  • gait and balance management,
  • pain management,
  • compensatory techniques, and more.

Orthopedic Therapy

From treating injuries and bone breaks as result of an accident to assisting with recovery from joint replacements, our orthopedic therapy program is designed to help patients improve strength, balance, gait and more.

Stroke or Brain Injury Therapy

Patients are evaluated by an onsite physiatrist – a physician specially trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The physiatrist then directs patient care for the duration of their stay, working with the stroke rehabilitation team to create a targeted treatment plan and set ambitious goals for recovery.

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